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New Shop Phone Number

The shop has a new phone number, 07863 563822

This is a mobile number, my existing landline provider are stopping their business section, so its a good time for me to change to what should be a cheaper option for me and offer a new option to you, of sending your enquiry via WhatsApp or Text Message.

These days people seem to prefer to message rather than call, the advantages are you don't have to wait for me to answer, which I can't always do if i'm busy serving etc, and if you are asking about plants for example its easier to understand Latin Names written down rather than me rattling off names which might not mean much to you without looking them up.

I can also, on WhatsApp, send photos of the plant you are interested in so you can instantly see the size and shape of the plant to help you make a decision. This service is only available via WhatsApp, not text message as there is a cost to sending photos via text, wheras WhatsApp is free.

As this is going to be a work phone, I will primarily only respond to messages received during shop opening hours. You can send messages at other times but please don't be offended if I don't get back to you, I need to keep some work/life boundaries. I may sometimes respond depending.

Please add this number to your contacts list under Potting Shed, and start using it straight away to find out benefits for you!

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