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Summer Bedding Plants Now in stock

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

I have managed to get hold of some bedding plants, with the current situation my suppliers have not got as much available, so I suggest you grab it quick as once it's gone, I may not be able to get much more. Please keep an eye on the weather though, these plants need protection from frost and the night time temperatures are dipping down quite low at the moment.

For the cost of a little bit of fleece, which i sell for just 50p per metre, you could save your plants from disaster, or alternatively keep them indoors overnight for another week or two before planting them out.

So, to the plants. Limited numbers available of all the following

Trailing plants for hanging baskets/pots

Lobelia, Calibrochoa, Verbena, Helichrysum, Plectanthrus, Ivy Leafed Pelargonium (Geranium), Surfinia (Petunia), Bidens, Sanvitalia, Trailing Begonia

Upright plants

Pelargonium (Geraniums), Lobelia, Osteospermum, New Guinea Impatiens, Cineraria, Cosmos, Petunia

As usual, orders are being taken by telephone/email for local home delivery, or pickup from the shop after payment made by card over the phone. Please ask for colours available.

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